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 Strategic Agility - why now ?

The world is becoming more interdependent: open trade and foreign investment, global warming, multipolar politics, integrative technologies, social networks, global media…It is also faster: convergence of markets and technologies across what used to be industries, disruptive technologies, innovations springing from emerging markets, changing regulatory conditions, financial earthquakes…

Traditional management needs stability, strategy calls for predictability. We now have neither. Our research explores the new frontiers of strategic leadership for the key institutions in the global economy: companies and governments.

Where is Strategic Agility needed most?




What is Strategic Agility ?

The ability to continuously adjust and adapt strategic direction in core activities, as a function of strategic ambitions and changing circumstances, and create not just new product and services, but also new business models and innovative ways to create value in complex and fast-changing conditions.


Strategic Agility: the Key enabling Capabilities

1. Strategic Sensitivity: both the sharpness of perception and the intensity of awareness and attention,
2. Resource Fluidity: the internal capability to reconfigure activity systems and redeploy resources rapidly,
3. Collective Commitment: the ability of the top team to make bold decisions fast, without being bogged down in "win-lose" politics at the top.



Strategic Agility - How strategic agility will help you stay ahead of the game